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Job Hunting 101 for Fresh Graduates

Qerja, 5 years ago
Job Hunting 101 for Fresh Graduates

Congratulations! You’ve just graduated and you’re ready to enter the career world. You’re probably getting ready to write your résumé and send it out if you haven’t done so. Then what? What did you miss? What’s next? If you’re wondering, read this for a quick guide to the brave new world of job hunting.  

1. Do the Prep Work

  • Polish your résumé. Spell check thoroughly. Little things like spelling and grammatical mistakes matter particularly because they shine light on your attention to detail.
  • Beef up your knowledge and experience after school, whether it’s through courses or freelance work. It shows potential employers that you’re eager to learn and expand.

2. Connect
The old adage goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Surrounding yourself with the right people through networking opens up doors and forges beneficial relationships. You can go to career-related events or attend reunions. You never know where opportunities might show up.  

3. Get Into Expansion and Defense Mode
Look beyond employment websites and use your network. Don’t be afraid to spread your search to different cities or even countries. At the same time, stay positive and don’t let yourself feel down when it comes to rejections. Set your sight not only for the perfect job but consider jobs that allow you to learn and grow. You’re not lowering your standard; you’re building it.  

4. The Interview
You’ve scored an interview. What to look out for?

  • The dress code is always appropriate clothing. When in doubt, aim for formal and polite. This extends to Skype interview.
  • Proper enthusiasm coupled with cool, calm demeanor will get you far. Remember to smile!
  • Be prepared. Learn everything you can about the company: their vision, their goal, their current status. Create a narrative of how you and your skill are the right fit for the company. Prep yourself with research on their company’s culture and expected benefits that are proportionate to your qualification.

No luck yet? Don’t worry. Even the most brilliant of minds in professional world had been in your place once. You’re going to get there. Take action and just remember to keep on developing and motivating yourself.   Do you think the guide helps? Share with us in the comment section below!

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