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What They Say About: Unilever

Qerja, 5 years ago
What They Say About: Unilever

The introduction page on Unilever website says it best: “No matter who you are, or where in the country you are, the chances are that our products are a familiar part of your daily routine.” From your detergent to your deodorant, your bath care to your butter, you can always find the famous U label stamped on the back. Some notable examples include Rinso, Rexona, Lifebuoy, Blue Band, and many more. The product of joint venture of Unilever PLC in the United Kingdom and Unilever NV in the Netherlands, Unilever takes up 40% of market share in Indonesia. Unilever Indonesia attracts ambitious minds looking to carve out career paths with one of the corporate giants, but what do those bright minds inside Unilever say about the company? Read on to find out.

Into the Den

If the hopefuls manage to meet the strict hiring standards, they’ll be amply rewarded once in. The majority of Unilever employees agreed that when you’re working with Unilever, you don’t have to worry about monetary compensation. The pay and benefits are promising; the latter includes insurance and health care coverage that covers family members up to three children. According to the majority of reviews at our website, the number on the paychecks across positions are generally fair and satisfactory, even if it’s just starting salary for trainees.

“Kekompakan kerjasama antar sub lini perusahaan. Jaminan kesehatan 100 % sampai anak ketiga. Penghargaan masa kerja. Tunjangan-tunjangan yang diberikan meliputi tunjangan pendidikan, tunjangan perumahan, tunjangan cuti.” – Non-Management Staff

However, several reviewers pointed out when one considers the workload and long working hour and compared again to the amount of salary offered by other companies in the same industry, there’s still room for improvement. The work-life balance is also a tricky subject, as some praised the flexible working hour while others commented that frequent overtime and high-octane job keep the employees on edge.

“Kerja di bawah tekanan harus siap fisik dan mental tapi bagus untuk kinerja karyawan agar bekerja dengan cepat tepat dan bertanggung jawab.” – Staff

“Tingginya target sampai terbawa ke dalam mimpi saat tidur” – Assistant Area Sales Manager

Play With the Big League

One of the features of a sizable institution such as Unilever is that everything is organized and pretty much established, creating a generally stable and comfortable working environment. Comments showed that the employees appreciate the properly-structured management. Unfortunately, according to some reviewers, the ingrained seniority runs the risk of causing discontent, especially among some of the younger employees. While the company continues to grow in terms of size and influence in the market, one commenter worried that some senior employees have the tendency to shy away from change and are not progressive enough.

“Sering overtime sehingga work life balance dipertanyakan, birokrasi dan senioritas yang bertele-tele membuat lingkungan kerja kurang nyaman terutama bagi anak muda” – Anonim

For those who take delight in a little office competition and enjoy the rush to meet challenging targets, Unilever is the place to be. The company nurtures professional improvement and constant learning through training and by placing employees on rotation to work at different brands under Unilever umbrella. Exposure to the best people in the industry is also guaranteed, as one commenter raved about how Unilever only works with the best. While opinions on our site were divided when it came to the topic of career advancement within the company, most agreed that it is indeed a tight race.

“Exposure bisnis yang sangat memadai, jaringan yang luas karena Unilever hanya menjalin hubungan kerja dengan orang-orang terbaik (agen, vendor, dan lain-lain) di dalam bisnisnya, kultur kerja relatif santai (di luar profesional kerja) sehingga sangat nyaman.” – Magang ULIP

“Jenjang karir sangat kompetitif, dan divisi penjualan selalu pindah-pindah area kerja.” – Assistant Sales Manager

“Jenjang karir jelas dan pasti.” – Staff

As one of the biggest companies in Indonesia, Unilever naturally upholds a certain standard to keep a well-run organization, including by making sure that its employees receive decent treatments and taking up social responsibilities with its Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. Reactions may vary, but the scores are in and they’re pretty up there, indicating an overall pleasant working experience.

“Unilever is one of the best employer in Indonesia. Love the learning and can do culture, love the smart and credible employee.Unilever is one of the best employer in Indonesia. Love the learning and can do culture, love the smart and credible employee.” – UFLP

Don’t satisfied yet with Unilever review only, check Unilever’s promising pay here.

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