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How to NOT Get Hired

Qerja, 5 years ago
How to NOT Get Hired

If at some point in the middle of your job search, you decided that, meh, you’re not really into this whole process anymore, okay, you do you! Normally, we don’t recommend self-sabotage, but you only live once, so why not live a little dangerously? Just for you, we list the many ways to not get hired.

Let’s start slow with the initial search, shall we?

1. Forget to Network

Go ahead and ignore the potential that is networking. Networking offers you an opportunity to expand your social circle, diversify your choices, and up your chances. While we’re on the topic, might as well ignore the power of building a good LinkedIn profile and social media presence.

2. Butcher Your Résumé

Tips ditolak kerja tidak diterima kerja mendapat kerja get the job hired

Peppering your résumé with spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistake is, at the very least, a surefire way to make your potential employer cringe. If you’re not tidy and careful enough to handle your résumé, why should they hire you to handle their business? To up the irksome factor, use different fonts and font colors, and send in the wrong résumé for the job.

3. Be Unprepared, Part One

A compact cover letter comprises of a basic introduction, a highlight of skill and experience, is enough to tell potential employer of your interests and serve as a way to sell yourself further with your unique voice. Without one, you’re just another name on the list. Ditto portfolio or published works if you’re applying for a job in the creative industry.

Huh. Very well. Into the interview room, then.

4. Be Unprepared, Part Two

Tips ditolak kerja tidak diterima kerja mendapat kerja get the job hired

Enter the interview room knowing zilch about the company, how you and your skill are going to fit in with their business plan, or basic knowledge about the responsibilities you’re expected to shoulder once you’re in. Just go in there, bring nothing, and you’ll leave with nothing.

5. Look Like a Sinister Homeless Person

Is Homeless Chic in this season? Great! Maybe you can saunter in with messy hair and overly casual clothing. Just ignore the general “Dress formal and polite” code. No big deal. And quit smiling. Interviewers appreciate smiles and you don’t want that, do you?

6. End the Interview with a Whimper

No need to ask good, interesting questions about the company. To put the cherry on top, opt out from sending thank you email and making inquiries afterward.

7. Get Down and Stay There

Perhaps the biggest self-sabotage strategy of them all is to avoid feeling positive and optimistic. There is no easier way to hack your job search than to feel down after rejection and dwell in it. Moving on to the next opportunity quickly is for those who wish to succeed.

Once you’ve applied one or all of them, because why not, you’ll manage to take yourself off the journey! Congratulations?

Daredevils out there, know any other way to bomb your job search? Share with us below!

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