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Mastering the Art of Salary Negotiation

Qerja, 5 years ago
Mastering the Art of Salary Negotiation

We want more! We want more! Oh no, this is not a sweaty attempt to get the band to perform an encore. You know you deserve more, but how to make your employer understand that? Even if you’re a fresh graduate or if this is your starting salary, do not shy away from negotiation. Most employers typically expect people to negotiate and therefore, when offers are made, the amount will most likely just be close to average. Whether you’re still green or showing a little gray (kidding!), whether you’re aiming for a good start or a step-up, salary negotiation is a key skill to master. In this article, we tell you how.

1. Negotiate With All Guns Blazing…or Ducks in a Row. Do your research beforehand on the average salary of someone in your position or in the industry can expect to get, be it from covert conversations with friends and family or online information provider like Remember to include your skills and experience into the equation. Knowing your market value helps immensely when it comes to picking a range.

Salary negotiation negosiasi gaji perundingan gaji

2. The More the Better Knowing your worth is great, but knowing what you worth plus more is even better. Negotiation is an art and like most works of art, often it’s best enjoyed in silence. Don’t give a set number right away. If you must name a number, ask for more than you expect to receive. At least, the high ceiling of your range. That way, if they try to haggle, you’ll reach the actual amount you’re both comfortable with.

3. Consider the Place and Time Be well-versed in company’s compensation policies to see how additional monetary rewards are doled out or if there is an arranged period for salary review. If your company is in the middle of a financial trouble or is going through cost-cutting strategy, it might not be the best time to ask for a raise. Of course, it might be a sign to start looking around. No harm in doing so. You know, just in case.

4. Know Your Place Know fully well what your exact job description is. Having a clear understanding of what your responsibilities are and what kind of goals you’re supposed to reach is an important factor to bring to the negotiation table. Discuss your past accomplishments and elaborate on how you have contributed to the company’s growth. That said, if you want something extra, you should be able to provide extra. Show your employer that not only you consistently churn out quality work but have also managed to achieve results beyond your pay grade.

Salary negotiation negosiasi gaji perundingan gaji

5. No Need to Get Emotional We do not recommend using threats or ultimatums to get what you want. Threatening to quit if your demands are not met most likely will backfire. But if you believe in using a harsher method, be prepared to actually walk away if things don’t go as planned. When the topic of getting a raise arises, there is no truer advice than “Ask and you shall receive”. It is entirely up to you to be vocal about it. If you think it’s high time to go get it, by all means, go get it.

Negotiation artists out there, any secret to share?

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